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Young Ranchers Colt Starting Clinic


This Clinic is For Young Horsemen and Women to Participate in But is Open to Viewing For Free to the Public

The goal of the Ranchers Youth Clinic is to pass on the traditions and skill of our industry to the next generation. Young men and women will learn how to start a colt over the course of the 2-day clinic and then will show that colt the morning of the sale. The clinic will be led by Ethan Bentz, Frank McKay, and a guest clinician. In the past, we have had Wade Black, 2020 Road to the Horse Competitor, as one of the guest clinicians.

The students will be working with 2-year-olds from our program. ?These horses will have had several rides put on them already by Frank McKay to ensure safely on the students. The patience and good minds of these young horses becomes very evident over the 2-day experience with these young participants.

We are looking forward to hosting young horsemen and women in 2021 to be able to pass on the traditions and craft of horsemanship to the next generation. Please join us next year in viewing the progress of the colts and participants at the 2nd Annual Young Ranchers Colt Starting Clinic.


The clinic is free to participants and viewers thanks to our generous sponsors.


Postponed for 2021

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